Joe's Pizza


Founded by Pino "Joe" Pozzuoli in 1975Pino "Joe" Pozzuoli immigrated to the U.S. from Naples, Italy in the mid 1950's. He took the name Joe, as Pino is an Italian form of the name Joseph.  He began working in pizza shops all over the Northeast and by the 1960's he was personally training some of the best pizza men in the area.

In the early 1970s, he relocated and opened Joe's Pizza at the intersection of Bleecker and Carmine streets in Greenwich Village.  He liked the idea of operating a store in a unique neighborhood like Greenwich Village with a unique and diverse population. There is truly no 'average' customer at Joes as you can find people from all walks of life coming in for a slice.

So in February 1975 Joe's Pizza opened for business and began earning it's reputation as one of the best slices in town. Joe with the help of his sons, Andy and Dino, persevered manning the little, corner shop 7 days a week till the wee hours of the morning as the business began to grow. Founded by Pino "Joe" Pozzuoli in 1975By 1980, with the foundation in place and the business working well, Joe negotiated a new lease for the Bleecker Street store, a lease for 25 years! Talk about commitment

By 1996, Joe's Pizza was cemented in New York as a "Greenwich Village institution" and New York Magazine named us "Best pizza in New York." Word got out about that little pizza shop the locals have been raving about for years.  After our lease at the corner expired Jan 1, 2005, we operated exclusively from our 7 Carmine Street location just 50 feet up the block.

One of the reasons Joe's Pizza is so popular is that Joe always seemed to be in tune with the American palette. "People don't always want stuff that's too rich or heavy. I've been making and watching people eat pizza for over 50 years, I know what they want." Also, being that Joe has spent an average of 80 hours a week in his pizza shop for decades, of course he would be eating plenty of pizza himself. So being a stickler for quality ingredients, he always made his pizza with the best ingredients available. "Every pie here is made as if I'm going to eat it myself." Even today, all the pizza men Joe hires are personally instructed to follow his methods. "I have some of the best pizza men in the city working with me," Joe asserts. Most of the staff have been with us for well over a decade. Our night men Alex and Sam have been working here for over 23years. There is definitely a certain consistency at Joe's Pizza that you don't find at most pizza shops.

Founded by Pino "Joe" Pozzuoli in 1975Today, over 37 years after we served our first slice, we're just as popular as ever, located just about 50 feet from our original location, serving up the same great pizza. While you wont find an elaborate, complicated menu at Joe's Pizza, you will always find an authentic, quality New York pizza. We want to thank you all: From our loyal customers from way back in the 70's, all the way to the freshman college kids who have just had their first real New York slice this past September. We at Joe's Pizza thank you all. Whenever you're hungry, you know where to find us. See you soon!